Millennia ago, in an era that not even history books have record of, the Triforce, the Golden Power and earthly representation of the Goddesses, was divided into 3 pieces: Courage for the Hero, Wisdom for the Princess, and Power for the Demon King.

For many generations, the Hero has faced the Demon King, who has used countless resources to strengthen his power. At some point, a tribe of sorcerers corrupted by darkness, forged a weapon called “The Trident of Power”. Even still, the bravery of the Hero was always great, and the Demon King was defeated and sealed in the Dark World, a parallel dimension to the Light World. However, the Trident remained... The ancient Seven Sages, in a mortal attempt to destroy the weapon, only managed to shatter it into 7 pieces. These were given to the strongest races of the continent.

Hyrule and Tylistem, are two kingdoms that have coexisted in peace for centuries, but this harmony will be disturbed by a group of people who, from the shadows, have created a meticulous plan... They believe that it will lead into a world changing revolution.

An adventure made 100% by and for fans!

Live through a dark history about war, treason and great desires that will put at risk the peace of an entire continent.

30+ hours of exploration and adventure!

Lots of secrets, sidequests and many minigames await you in the enormous kingdoms of Tylistem and Hyrule.

Classic action system of 16 Bit videogames!

See epic battles and diverse mechanics using the classic system of an authentic 2D Zelda game.